Keki Daruwalla


Goodbye Autumn

(after Louis MacNeice) Goodbye autumn the nights are getting longer the dregs in the coffee cup hint at coming strangers will they come to Oberoi or will they come to Taj? Or to my paper-strewn flat built years after the Raj? Will they come by motor boat or will they come by air and pass through Immigration sans passports, without care? Will they come with laurel leaves or will they come with flowers or AK 47s and a bullet shower? Will we see some action from the Home Minister or will he be another condolence messenger? The New Year is arriving don't need coffee dregs to tell us how will it roll the dice will it buy or sell us? Will oil rise up the barrel Will OPEC gain or lose will we need the skateboard, or cycle as we choose? Will carbon cloud the planet? Will asthma crowd our chest? Do we clean up the wretched smog or merely beat our breasts? Will the new year bring me joy Or will he bring me grief? Will he come with ringing bells Or sneak in like a thief? Goodbye autumn the days are getting shorter will I hit a sixer, or be bowled out by a snorter?